Hotel Corallo 3 stars

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Comfortable and elegant and studied in every detail .This rooms is the best for those who travels for business or simply is looking for some relax and peace. Every room has all services required and comforts and it’s possible to choose between a cozy single bed or spacious queen bed. Every room had its own balcony, where a lovely sight is waiting for you.


Elegant and spacious king size bedded room with balcony a lovely view of surroundings. These rooms are perfect for who wants to relax and experience quiet quality time. It is possible to choose between shower and bathtub to feel more at home even if on a trip.



Elegant and modern rooms with all comforts included. Every single detail will make a difference in your stay. Every room had two comfortable beds that are perfect for those who travel for business o simply for a little holiday on the seaside. These rooms have a beautiful balcony that will give you a lovely sight of surroundings.


ONE ROOM / THREE BEDS – Elegant and spacious rooms, these are perfect if you are on a business trip or with your family. These rooms are designed for sharing spaces. They have a king size bed and one single bed, to make you feel comfortable and give you the space you need. This room has a beautiful balcony that will gift the guests with a lovely view of surroudings.


Rooms fulfilled with natural light and voluminous comfortable spaces, these rooms are perfect if you are travelling with your family. Big rooms with two different spaces: one king size bed room with balcony and a well furnished living room with armchairs, dining table and a second king size bed. Our guests can fully enjoy their stay and this lovely town on Adriatic Sea.


This room is for you if you are asking the little extra that makes the difference. Comfortable, spacious and elegant room with two different spaces. One with king size bed, amazing balcony with sea view and the other a comfortable living room with couch, armchairs and dining table. The room also have a hydromassage bathtub, our guest can enjoy every single moment with relax and peace.

Hotel Corallo 3 stars